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SKEFT Infotech has a highly experienced team in Dubai that is perfect at installing Private automatic branch exchange (PABX) which is a vital part of an organization concerning technological infrastructure. There are many scenarios in a firm where the call needs to be transferred, and with the help of PABX, there can be an automatic telephone switching system through a secure private line within an organization. It acts as a channel that allows different forms of information courses to transfer from one source to another source. It is a neural network that connects various departments to facilitate the unified functionality of the whole company.

We cannot imagine today’s modern office without the PABX system because nowadays, every company requires intercommunication. It is one of the most widely used telephony systems by different businesses. This system is becoming popular day by day and SKEFT Infotech will help you in every possible way with this PABX device.

Brands we offer under our PBX Systems Solutions
We offer service in Cisco PABX.
Panasonic is another brand we deal with.
We offer service and maintenance in Zycoo.
We are dealing with NEC brand.
We provide services for Avaya.
We are dealing with Grandstream brand.
We are dealing with yealink and yeastar brand.

​We can offer you the service of the above-mentioned brands that may have the issues like jitter, latency, any problem in the router or the issues like internal network, improper configuration or the voice quality. To know which system of PABX will work best according to the size and work of your organization you can directly contact us our experts will be pleased to help you.

What do we bring to our Clients?

Our experts give the best solution according to the needs of our clients in Dubai.Installing and connecting the PABX system of different brands.Management of your telephone system and PABX system.IP PABX Installation InclusionsPhone network: the PABX system can be mounted on a rack for efficient system organization. Display phones, desk and PC-based IP phone units, Voice over IP capabilities, and paging capabilities may also be included in the package.PABX systems in Dubai may be integrated with a Centralized Server for Storing Messages that can be used to store voicemails, emails, and call recordings.A PABX has the ability for call Conferencing that can be used for corporate meetings, conference calls, and internal training sessions.PABX System installation in Dubai can come with a Virtual office solution that allows easier data sharing and work collaboration between personnel in the company.Web-based Management of the system even from a remote location.

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