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From broadband to Ethernet leased lines and MPLS IP VPN, we’ll help you meet a host of connectivity demands. Whether your need reliable internet for an office, robust connectivity between sites or a fast data centre link, our end-to-end services bring more competitive pricing, increased flexibility and scalability. All backed by our industry-leading support and SLA’s.

Our technicians are WiFi experts who are ready to troubleshoot any Internet problem that you may have. We can setup reliable connections, ensure wide coverage of your wireless network, replace your unreliable network with a better design and even automate your home and office with IoT.We help you save time and money by analysing your problem and executing the right solution.

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Our experts give the best solution according to the needs of our clients in Dubai. Installing and connecting the PABX system of different brands. Management of your telephone system and PABX system. IP PABX Installation Inclusions Phone network: the PABX system can be mounted on a rack for efficient system organization. Display phones, desk and PC-based IP phone units, Voice over IP capabilities, and paging capabilities may also be included in the package. PABX systems in Dubai may be integrated with a Centralized Server for Storing Messages that can be used to store voicemails, emails, and call recordings. A PABX has the ability for call Conferencing that can be used for corporate meetings, conference calls, and internal training sessions. PABX System installation in Dubai can come with a Virtual office solution that allows easier data sharing and work collaboration between personnel in the company.Web-based Management of the system even from a remote location.

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