Consultancy Services

Ethernet, ATM, Digital AV, ADSL, Multicast, VoIP, DVI, HDMI, Meshing, Spanning Tree, Trunking, etc. : Technologies and standards intended to assist the users in increasing the performance, reliability and stability of their systems. But, being a one-time process, the design of the physical structure of a system should be one that seldom changes regardless of any changes in technology. One of the negative impacts of the rapid pace in technology advancements is the considerable reduction in the average life of any single standard. It is no longer easy to forecast the future with a very lowmargin of error. Whether wireline or wireless, emerging standards in the field of communications have certainly left potential users confused over the choice of a specific technology. Just when we start to believe that ‘this is the farthest we could go within the existing operating environment’, there appears a new standard which enables one to achieve a higher throughput !! Given this scenario what choices do the users have ? The ‘wait-n-see’ attitude is no longer feasible because soon, newer ones replace the prevailing standards. Unfortunately, the pace of growth cannot be slowed down either. A more logical method would be to design a structure which would offer the maximum compatibility with any or all of the standards. Design and implementation of the physical structure of any network system is a one-time process and has considerable financial implications. For this reason, the design should be one that adapts itself to the growth of the organisation and future technologies. But this is a very complex task and requires a thorough understanding of not only the standards but also the requirements of the various applications intended to utilize the system. Infact, there is nothing more disastrous than a poor systems design because of the limitations it imposes on the growth of an organisation. Therefore, it is best that this critical as well as complex task be performed by genuine consultants, who are well qualified, independent and impartial. The designs should suit the functional requirements of your operating environment rather than any ‘favoured brand of products’. With proven expertise in designing and implementing robust multi-services network systems, we are capable of providing you with the most appropriate solution regardless of the make or brand of equipment. From feasibility studies to conceptual diagrams, from engineering specifications to implementation and training, we assist you in ensuring that what is implemented is what you really wanted. Just one of the reasons for our success and yet another for you to choose us !!